2019 TAXA Mantis


Currently located in Spicewood, TX - 40 Minutes West of Austin

Hello There!

Thanks for your interest in our 2019 TAXA Mantis. We’re very sad to part with it as we move on to our next chapter, but we’re hoping to find a great new home for it! Below you’ll experience information overload as we want to provide as much useful information as possible.

Unit Details

Model Year: 2019

Purchased New: April 2020

Original MSRP: $48,897.27

– Includes Shower, Bunk System, Dometic Refrigerator & Spare Tire
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This Mantis has indeed been lived in, but not in any way “worn down.” You are inheriting it from owners that are meticulously dedicated to maintenance and proactive care. Although there are signs of normal wear, our Mantis is in perfect working order and all systems are A+.

Should you choose to purchase it, we will happily provide an in-depth training of all onboard systems that will far surpass anything you’ll receive from a traditional dealer!


Interested in seeing more photos of the Mantis more “lived in?” Check out our Instagram profiles. & @_alexhardgrave

Is the Mantis a Good Fit?

It sure is if...

It most likely is NOT if...

Closing Thoughts

Our Mantis launched our family on an entirely new path. What we imagined would be a simple camper for getting out on weekends, in reality became a vessel for adventure. We called it our weekend home. We called it our full-time home. And now we’re hoping to find it a new home to provide someone the same opportunity.

Interested in Learning More?

We want to ensure we cover any and all questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

However, please only reach out if you areĀ seriously considering purchasing.

Thank you!