Who Are We?

Let’s start with your run of the mill family bio.

I’m Ally, the verbose, nerdy, creative, work loving mom. I like order, routine, tough love, and running the family affairs like a business, which mostly my wife tolerates, but sometimes results in metaphorical slaps in the face. Aside from all of that, I’m an outdoors-loving nerd whose primary nerdoms could be drilled down to video games and Star Wars, but you could also say I’m a nerd for self-awareness as well. I’m constantly consuming information on how to be a better leader at work as well as how to be the best me that I possibly can.

The better half of this duo is rounded off by my lovely wife, Alex. In terms of our family dynamic style, she’s about as opposite to me as it can get, but our rock-solid foundation of common ground keeps us stable and balanced. By day, Alex is a Director of Operations where she focuses on streamlining processes and uses her deep analytical skills to hunt efficiency wherever possible. As a mother, however, she pulls in from her day job a bit where it’s handy but never lets it take over to ensure that she brings a tender side to life with our boys. Outside of being a rockstar mom, she loves to rock climb, hike, obsessively research gear, and watch prison shows & documentaries. Did I mention she’s stunning? Alright yeah, I’m a little biased, but she’s ridiculously beautiful.

We have two sons, Henley (7) and Luca (4) who mirror each of us funny enough. Henley is like Alex; sensitive, thoughtful, and looking to follow the rules. Luca is like myself; stubborn, rule-bending, but loves hard. These gentlemen are the WHY behind pretty much everything we do in our own way. I work hard because providing the best I can for my wife and boys gives me fulfillment as a provider. Alex keeps the boys at the forefront to ensure our hard work isn’t going to waste, meaning we remain focused on meaningful experiences with the both of them and make sure they are enjoying life as much as they can.

Origins of Scout'd

In early 2016, just a few months after Luca was born, Alex and I toyed with the idea of starting a baby gear blog. My wife LOVES gear of all kinds, but when it comes to baby gear, oh boy did she go nuts. The issue we found was that there was no single source that reviewed the gear and gave you the thumbs up or down when it came to necessity. Alex’s research consisted of combing the internet for any and all impressions people would share regarding products and if that wasn’t an option, she would go buy the thing herself to get the hands-on insight she wanted (insert budget arguments haha). Although we believed in the idea, we both were making changes career-wise that required more of our focus and it felt like our baby was growing so fast we were missing out on the chance to use some of the awesome, but infant focused products. Like most people experience at one point or another, the idea was set on a shelf and left to collect dust.


Fast forward to 2020 where we’ve decided to take this gem back off of the shelf and put it to use in a new way. We decided to share our life, struggles and all, as well as start documenting the things we consistently get asked:

How do you work together and not kill each other?

What kid sized hydration pack has worked best for your long hikes?

Where do you find balance raising your boys with conflicting parenting styles?

Who cuts your boys hair? It’s so cute!

Buckle up friends, cause here we go! We are happy to have you along on this little adventure with us as we dive into motherhood, marriage, family excursions, work life and everything in-between.


– Ally

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